How to open winmail.dat files on Mac?

Recently i always get a complain from my user regarding their email attachment problem. They received an email-message from customer with a file, named winmail.dat, as attachment. They fail to open that attachment file using Thunderbird mail client. But for those Microsoft Outlook user, they able to see and open the attachment file.

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Apple Mail Send button greyed out

Last week, i got the complain from my user about her Apple Mail problem. According to her, she can receive new message from mail server but cannot send mail because the Send button on a new message is greyed out and does not respond.

So, i just help her to test her apple mail settings via Connection Doctor. The Connection Doctor can successfully log into the SMTP server. Continue reading

Words file on apple mail become .zip?

I found a problem with Word 2008. User sending Word .doc attachments from Apple Mail. When i received the email, i tired to double click the word attachment, it prompt out a screen as show as below

Picture 1

I totally cannot open this file with Open Office and Words 2004. It only allow me to open this file with Word 2008.

How to solve this problem? This problem can be solve by save word 2008 (.docx) to word 2003/2004 compatible format. Please tick “Use Windows-friendly attachments” before you attach the attachment.

If you have any others solution, please leave comment. 🙂