How to Create a Mailing List in Outlook Express

If you want send the same email to several people, you might feel frustrated cause you need to enter a lot of email address on the same time even the people are in the same group.
To solve this problem, you can try set up a mailing list. With this list, you can email several people at once without choosing each email address separately.

To set up a mailing list using Outlook Express: .

  • Select Tools | Address Book… from the menu in Outlook Express.
  • Select File | New Group… from the address book’s menu.
  • Type the name of your mailing list in the Group Name: field. Eg: ITDept
  • Click the “Select Members” button on the right.
  • Click a name from your “Contacts” list. Click the “Select” button. Click another name from the list and click “Select” again. Continue choosing names until you complete your list. Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the box when your selection is complete.
  • Click “OK” if you are finished.