Thunderbird spell check not working

I got complaint from my user about their Thunderbird email client spell check function. According to them, the spell check function stop working. I tried to do misspelled two word in this email client to demonstrate the problem. I found that the email client fail to detect the wrong spelling.

To perform troubleshooting on this problem, i try to check on Thunderbird Options setting by using bellow steps .

  • Select Tools | Options… or Edit | Preferences… from the menu.
  • Go to the Composition category.

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How to disable Outlook Express Email Compact Messages pop up when you start up the computer

Today, i got a ticket from user about her computer always get the message, “To free up disk space outlook express can compact messages” when her computer start-up. According to her, she not even use Outlook Express.  She is Thunderbird user.

How-To Delay or Schedule Delivery Of Outlook 2010 email

I going to share a simple tip of Microsoft Outlook called Delaying or Scheduling the sending / delivery of an Email in Microsoft Outlook. A lot of people like to draft their email but don;t want to deliver the email until a specific date and time. For example, announcement that need to send out to everyone at 8am of next business day.

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