Thunderbird Incoming email issue : mail server not responsed: Message corrupted


I facing issue that my Thunderbird failed sync exchange email to my Thunderbird mail client.I’m getting the following error:-

The RETR command did not succeed. Error retrieving a message. Mail server responded: Message corrupted

From the above error already indicates an error on the server and not in Thunderbird. There is a corrupted email in email inbox.

To solve this issue, first you have to logon to webmail and check all the email to find out any abnormal email and remove it. If you not sure which email is corrupted email, you just empty you webmail inbox. Once done, you try to re-sync or re-download email from your Thunderbird. Latest email should be able to come in without any issue.



Thunderbird calendar reminders won’t dismiss?

Recently i found a problem on my Thunderbird lighting calendar. The reminder keep on pop up and i can’t even dismiss any reminders at all.

So, i just go thought my Thunderbird calendar. I realize that my calender properties setting was tick the Read-only setting.

So, to fix this issue, i just un-tick the Read Only check box on my calendar properties. After that, i try to dismiss the calendar again. It work fine and the reminder not pop up again.


Thunderbird spell check not working

I got complaint from my user about their Thunderbird email client spell check function. According to them, the spell check function stop working. I tried to do misspelled two word in this email client to demonstrate the problem. I found that the email client fail to detect the wrong spelling.

To perform troubleshooting on this problem, i try to check on Thunderbird Options setting by using bellow steps .

  • Select Tools | Options… or Edit | Preferences… from the menu.
  • Go to the Composition category.

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