Firefox Passive Recon

Recently i found a useful Firefox Add-On called PassiveRecon. PassiveRecon allows Information Security professionals the ability to perform “packetless” discovery of target resources utilizing publicly available information. It will queries a multitude of public databases and lookups to reveal as many information as possible about a domain without interacting with it directly.

To install PassiveRecon Firefox Add-On, just click HERE to Firefox PassiveRecon Add-on page. After that, just click on Accept and Install button. Continue reading

How to open .epub files

Recently i downloaded a eBook in EPUB format. I failed to open it using Adobe Reader (PDF reader) and Chmox (.chm reader). How to open it?? What is EPUB?? After i google it, i know that ePub format is an open standard for ebooks by the International Digital Publishing Forum. All the ePub files have the extension .epub.

There are several software programs support the ePub format. Below are the few software allow you to read .ePub file on your computer. You can just click the following link to download it.

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How to auto start Firefox in Full Screen Mode

I just  setup Customer Portal Machine for my company Security Guard used. In order to make them easy to work,  I want to make the Customer Portal system which running on Firefox auto start in Full Screen mode (F11) when they login to Windows.

To auto start Firefox in full screen mode, just install the fullscreen plug-ins available in Firefox website. Fullscreen plug-ins is easy to install, just simply click HERE to download and install the plugin. Continue reading