Firefox Passive Recon

Recently i found a useful Firefox Add-On called PassiveRecon. PassiveRecon allows Information Security professionals the ability to perform “packetless” discovery of target resources utilizing publicly available information. It will queries a multitude of public databases and lookups to reveal as many information as possible about a domain without interacting with it directly.

To install PassiveRecon Firefox Add-On, just click HERE to Firefox PassiveRecon Add-on page. After that, just click on Accept and Install button. Continue reading

Laptop and Mobile Device Travel Security Awareness

I just came back from Info Security conference. From the conference i know that it is important to educate user to safe their mobile device when they travel. Below is a video i found from youtube about the Laptop and Mobile Device Travel Security Awareness. I hope you all can learn something from this video. Remember safe your Mobile Device, safe your data and save your money 🙂