How to Show / Hide Hidden Files in the Finder (Mac OS X)

By default, Mac OS X hide all the Hidden Files. For those familiar with Unix files and folders, you have probably noticed that folder like /usr, /bin, /etc do not show up in finder. Besides, files that start with a dot like .bash_history also out of your sight.

Is it possible to make those hidden files work in Finder? The answer is Yes. We can easily show the hidden files by using simple terminal command.

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How to add Group on Ubuntu

You can add a group and add user to a group using unix command.

In this example, i use linux ubuntu to do it

Add a Group

sudo groupadd samba

Add user to Group

sudo adduser johnson samba

To check what Group user belong to

group [username]


root@ubuntu:/# groups test
test users

Add a existing user to existing group

usermod -g [group name] [username]


root@ubuntu:/# usermod -g it techkaki