How to Shutdown or Restart Windows using command line?

windows-logoShutdown is a very useful command that can help your daily administrative task. This program allows you to restart or shutdown your local or remote computers.

To access shutdown command, simply go to DOS command prompt by clicking on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt or Start -> Run and then type in cmd to launch a command prompt window.

Below are the few example on how to use Shutdown command:- Continue reading

How to open MDI files in Microsoft Office 2007

I got a ticket from my user said that she cannot open a file in .mdi format. I never see this kind of file format before. So, i just google it and i got the answer. An MDI file, which stands for Microsoft Document Imaging, is a file format of Microsoft for storing raster images of scanned documents together with optional annotations or metadata, and can only can only be opened or edited in Office Document Imaging.

In Microsoft Office 2003, you can open .mdi file by default. However, you cannot open .mdi file in .  The reason this happen is because by default Office 2007 does not install Microsoft Document ImaginMicrosoft Office 2007g. So if you want to open the MDI file in Office 2007, you have to install the feature manually.

To install MDI, just follow below steps:- Continue reading

How to disable Outlook Express Email Compact Messages pop up when you start up the computer

Today, i got a ticket from user about her computer always get the message, “To free up disk space outlook express can compact messages” when her computer start-up. According to her, she not even use Outlook Express.  She is Thunderbird user.