Directadmin: License has expired

One of my customer complain that he cannot login to his DirectAdmin control panel. When he trying to login to the DirectAdmin control panel, he getting the following error: “License has expired“.

Directadmin expired

To fix this problem,

1) You need to check your license information Eg: Check the due date / license expired date to ensure the license is active

2) If the license is active, try to login to your server and manually re-syncing your license

Below are the steps:-

– once you ssh in to your server, enter following command:-

/usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ <cid> <lic_id>

Note:  cid is your DirectAdmin client ID and lic_id is your license ID.

–  After running the above command, restart DirectAdmin:

service directadmin restart

– After that, just refresh the DirectAdmin admin page if you’ve already logged in or try logging in once more.


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