Faster way to empty Trash in Mac OS X

I realize that emptying the trash in OS X can be a long process, especially If you have lots of items in your trash . Below is the screen shoot the status of empty trash after 30 minutes.

Is it any faster way to empty the trash? Since Mac OS X is Unix-based graphical interface operating systems, i decided to empty trash from command line. After i list down the list of available files and folder in home folder via command line, i found that there is a folder .Trash . I decided to remove the .Trash folder. It took around 15 seconds to remove it. After that, i try to check back the trash on Dock. I realize the Trash already empty.

Below are the steps to empty trash via command line:-

  • Launch your terminal by double click  /Applications/Utilities/Terminal
  • Enter following command to empty trash

$ sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

Please take noted that this command won’t delete files that appear in your Trash from external hard drives, other partitions, etc.

Those files are stored at /Volumes/NAME_OF_DEVICE/.Trashes/USER_ID where USER_ID is your user ID. (Usually 501 on a single user system)

To remove that, you need to below command

$ sudo rm -rf /Volumes/*/.Trashes/501/*

If you have any others way to empty trash faster in Mac OS X, please share with me 🙂

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