How to make your Mac work as Access Point

Can we use our Apple Machine as a Access Point? The answer is yes. We can make Apple Machines as a access point to share the internet connection on your local network.

Before you hare your internet connection, you have to make sure you’re connected to the internet via Ethernet or others than the AirPort card.

Here, i going to show your how to share your internet connection

A) To setup internet sharing
  • Go to System Preferences, and then click Sharing.
  • Select Internet Sharing
  • Choose a network service from the “Share your connection from” , i will choose Ethernet as an example
  • After that, Select a networking service to share your Internet connection from the “To computers using” list. I will choose AirPort as an example.Picture 2
  • Click on AirPort Options and give your network a name and password. Example that i did as show as below. Once you done the setting, click ok to save the configuration.

Picture 3

B) Turn on Internet Sharing
  • Click on internet sharing option (System Preferences->Sharing->internet sharing), press start button to turn on the internet sharing.

Picture 4

  • Once you successful turn on the internet sharing, you will see your Air Port icon will change on your top right hand corner menu.
Picture 5
C) Connect from other Mac or others Machine with wifi
  • Search all the available Wifi connection


  • You will see the network that you share available on network . Select the network name that you share just now. In this example, select techkaki and key in the network password


  • Once you enter the correct password, you should able to join the network that you share.

Just try it. 🙂

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