How to reset Sonicwall Viewpoint 6.0 System Interface password

Sonicwall_LogoSonicWALL ViewPoint is an easy-to-use Web-based reporting tool that fully complements and extends SonicWALL’s security products and services. In Sonicwall Viewpoint, there are 2 main interface which is System and Application interfaces. The admin account for the System Interface is separate from the admin account for the Application Interface.

The default admin password for the System and Application interfaces is ‘password’. If the admin password for the System Interface or Application Interface is lost, you can reset it back to default admin password.

In this tutorial, i will show you how to reset the admin password for the System Interface is lost. 

Here is the screenshot of Viewpoint System Interface

sonicwall UMH

To reset the admin password back to default password, just follow below steps:-

Step 1: Stop the Sonicwall Web Server service:

Sonicwall Web Server

Step 2: Make a backup of the [GMSVP]\conf\applianceConf.txt file.  Then open the file and replace the contents with this value (you can edit the file using notepad):









Note: Please ensure that no spaces or extra lines are added to the text file.

Step 3: Start the Web Server service (same location that you stop the web services).

Step 4: Log into the System Interface using admin / password.  You will then be prompted to change the password:



After change the password for the System Interface, now you should able to login to System Interface using the new password.

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