Mac OS X : The application NetworkStatus quit unexpectedly

I just subscribe Maxis broadband with HUAWEI E1762 USB modem. I tried to install it on my Mac OS X 10.5 Machine. It works fine. But recently whenever I use the mobile partner dashboard in Mac OS X,the dialog “The application NetworkStatus quit unexpectedly.” pop up continuously and unable to connect.

I tired to click on report button to view the error message, it look like NetworkStatus crashed.

Finally i found a patch from HUAWEI web site. The patch name called NetworkStatusPatch. I tried to install the patch and the NetworkStatus crash problem was solved.

Below are the few simple steps to solve this problem:-

  • Download NetworkStatusPatch
  • After that, follow the on screen instruction to install the patch.

  • Once the installation completed, you can restart the application.

2 thoughts on “Mac OS X : The application NetworkStatus quit unexpectedly

  1. Could you please re-host the file? I have the same issue you had and would like to get the patch, but I get refused connection when trying to download it.
    Thank you!

  2. I am having trouble connecting my Huawei E1762 to my Mac recently, althought it used to work perfectly. Tech support suggested I download this patch, however I am also getting the error when I try to download it

    You are not authorized to download the requested file.

    Any ideas??

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