Microsoft Edge – Web Notes Function

Windows 10Microsoft Edge is a new web browser in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer as default web browser

There is a new feature in Microsoft Edge called Web Notes where by you could able to scribble, highlight, and add notes to web pages.

To enable the Web Notes Function, move the cursor to the top right on the edge browser. As shown in the screen shot, click on the “Make a web note” icon.

web note 1

Once inside the mode, you may use the “Pen” function to write anything on the browser.

web note 2


If prefer to high light, you may use the “Highlighter” function.

web note 3

To crop out / screen shot a picture in the browser, you may use the “Clip” function.

web note 4

To add a text, you may use the “Add a types note” function.

web note 5

To erase everything, click on the “Erase” function.

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