NetApp Cluster mode – Procedure of Power On/Off

When there is a power failure or power maintenance, you are requirer to Power down NetApp cluster. To do that, you need to use serial console to physical login to all the node and run following command on each node

halt -node node_name -inhibit-takeover true -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true

Example Controller 1

Example Controller 2

Every node might take several minutes to shut down. Each node should then reset and return to the LOADER>prompt.

Once you see the LOADER, now you are safe to power down the controller, following by the disk shelves. It is advisable to physically unplug the cables from power supplies on the back of the storage systems and shelves, to avoid any electrical issues when external power is restored.

To Power up NetApp

i. Reconnect all the power cables

ii. Physically power up all the disk shelves first, once the disk shelf is powered up, then power up all the controller node.

iii. Verify the storage system is up. Follow are the few useful command to verify the services and the network connectivity.

A. Check network status

B. Check network interface

C. Check routing

D. Check the cluster status

E. Check HA Status

F. Check Storage failover status

G. Verify storage aggregate

H. Verify storage disk

I. Verify Volume

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