Office Mac 2011 : Word cannot start the spelling checker

I just purchased Word 2011 for office used. When my user open some of the Word document, it keep on pop up the following warning message

Word cannot start the spelling checker.
The spelling checker files may be missing.
Make sure the spelling checker files are
installed or use the Microsoft Office Installer
to install the spelling checker.

Once the warning message pop up, you cannot access the document at all.Β  To solve this problem, just follow the following steps:-

  • Open Word 2011
  • Click on Tools > Auto Correct > Show All

  • Open Spelling and Grammar

  • Under Spelling, remove the tick from β€˜Check Spelling as you type’

You should be able to open the older document now. You may save it in the new Word 2011 format and enable back the spellchecker.

43 thoughts on “Office Mac 2011 : Word cannot start the spelling checker

  1. If Word 2011 is still not checking your spelling:
    Select all the text in your doc. Go to Tools/Language. Choose the right language, like English(US), and make sure the Do not check spelling or grammar check-box is NOT selected.

  2. I face the same problem.

    i try to force quit it, and reopen the words. But once words open, the error message immediately pops out, and i don’t even have a chance to choose any word preference nor tools.

    please help


  3. thanks!! it solved my problem..i have to delete the document that i had already open in order to access the tools.

  4. Thanks..This post does a really great favour to solve the irritating warning message…How wish Microsoft can do something about it, otherwise, users may think to switch….

  5. THANK YOU.. You’re a lifesaver for creating this post.

    @Danny: Simply open the Microsoft Word program by itself (ie. a blank document) and implement the changes. Good Luck.

  6. Millions and billions of thanks Guru!
    What a peace! now I can really focus on my last hour assignment! i was nearly start by handwriting but 100pages would be suffering enough to be enlightened!

  7. thanks it’s work…
    for those who cant even get out from error…
    try this way…

    place your cursor at the X (X = red dot for exit)
    hit enter and click.

  8. This works like a plum. Much thanks mate. Its October ’12 but still relevant.

    Much thanks yet again.

  9. Dude, you’re awesome!! I’m about to die before I found your post here. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

  10. Thanks … works perfectly … however I had to hold down SHIFT key when opening word to create temp before tools options were made available, before completing the above.
    You a star!

  11. i experienced the same problem but i cant click the spelling and grammar at all. doesnt help when i click the hit the enter and click at the red dot for exit button.

    someone please help! thanks a million!


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