Zimbra: How to Reset an User or Administrator password

zimbra_identity_color_highres-png-440pxUser forgot their email password is a very common IT Support case. In Zimbra mail server, changing email password can be easily done with Admin Console. How about email administrator lost their administrator password? Without Administrator password, you unable to login to Admin Console to reset password. So, is there any way to reset it?

The answer is yes. Below are the few steps show you how to change password for  user or Administrator using CLI.

A) SSH to your email server

B) login as zimbra user

su - zimbra

C) Use command line utility (CLI) zmprov setpassword to reset password


zmprov sp <admin email address> <new password>


zmprov sp adminname@domain.com password

After changed, try to access Admin Console with new password, it should work now 🙂

Cpanel: Website show 403 Forbidden Error

I just received a complain from my customer said that he unable to view his website from the web browser. It show Error 403 Forbidden.

403 Forbidden Error

As mention by my customer, he created the account vis cPanel and restored the backup file from
previous hosting. All files are owned by user terminal and group terminal. Directory and file
permission should be correct as they’re carried over from the previous hosting.

I tried to check logon to the server to do further checking. I notice that the ownership of the public_html folder is not set correctly

[19:23:22 cpanel root@7520653 /home/terminal]cPs# ll |grep public_html
drwxr-x---   6 terminal terminal 4.0K Apr 15 18:01 public_html/

Permission for public_html were set to user.user instead of user.nobody. I proceed to change the ownership to terminal.nobody

[19:26:00 cpanel root@7520653 /home/terminal]cPs# ll |grep public_html

drwxr-x---   6 terminal nobody   4.0K Apr 15 18:01 public_html/

After did the changed, the website able to load.

As summary, public_html ownership and permission should set to 0750 and username.nobody. Subfolder inside public_html no need to do any change.



IPV4 and IPV6 Subnet Size Reference Table


Network Bits Subnet Mask Number of Hosts
/1 2147483646
/2 1073741822
/3 536870910
/4 268435454
/6 67108862
/7 33554430
/8 16777214
/9 8388606
/10 4194302
/11 2097150
/12 1048574
/13 524286
/14 262142
/15 131070
/16 65534
/17 32766
/18 16382
/19 8190
/20 4094
/21 2046
/22 1022
/23 510
/24 254
/25 126
/26 62
/27 30
/28 14
/29 6
/30 2