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How to migrate email from Thunderbird to Ms.Outlook?

December 23, 2008 by @HKw@! | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

By default, Thunderbird unable to export mail directly to Ms.Outlook.

Now you able to do that by using ImportExportTools extension to export folders as either .eml or mbox files.

Ms. Outlook doesn’t support dragging and dropping of .eml files but you could use Outlook Express as an intermediary, and then import them from Outlook Express into Outlook.

Below are the step:

1. After install ImportExportTools extension, export all the email in EML format


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How to Use the Print Screen Function on a Mac

December 10, 2008 by @HKw@! | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

1. Press the keys Shift, Command (Apple) and 3.
2. There will be an icon on your desktop called Picture 1. This is your screen capture.
3. Open Picture #1.
4. Follow your normal procedure for printing out.

How to Search on Spotlight on a Mac

December 10, 2008 by @HKw@! | No Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

You can search everything in your Mac by using Spotlight function. How to use it???


1. Go to the top-right corner on your screen.
2. Click the button that has a magnifying glass.
3. Type in what you’re searching for.
4. It will begin to search the entire computer for apps, files, history etc.
5. Click what you want. Now you can search faster with Spotlight!