You see a file with the extension of .wmz when you receive a message with Oledata.mso attachment

When you receive a mail message you get an additional attachment, Oledata.mso. Eudora users may see a file with the extension of .wmz along with the inline file attachment. This file can not be opened or edited. How????

Here are the answer……..

When sending HTML messages with an attached Microsoft Office 2000 document, the message is sent as an Outlook HTML message, not an Office Envelope message. The Oledata.mso file contains necessary information to properly render the attachment in the message in its originating program. This is known as “round tripping.” There is no useful information for the user in this file and it is not editable. Do not delete this file; doing so could render the attached file unuseable.

If an HTML message is opened on a computer that does not have Outlook 2000 installed, you will see the Oledata.mso file as an additional attachment.

Troubleshooting Tips for New Monitors

Here are some basic trouble shooting tips for new monitors:

1. The picture does not appear

  • Check to make sure the signal cable is firmly connected in the socket.
  • Check to see if the computer system’s power is ON.
  • Check that the Brightness Control is at the appropriate position, not at the minimum.

2. The Screen is not synchronized

  • Check to make sure the signal cable is firmly connected in the socket.
  • Check that the output level matches the input level of your computer.
  • Make sure the signal timing of the computer system is within the specification of the monitor. Continue reading

What happen if CMOS Battery Low

Below are the tips to learn how to tell if a CMOS battery is low.

  1. If your computer’s clock falling behind or continually incorrect even though you might have reset the time.
  2. When the CMOS battery does get low, it will not be a crisis initially. You will have some time to open your computer and find out what replacement battery you will need.
  3. With some computer models, you will receive an error message on your screen initially at startup. This message varies by manufacturer. You may also see a prompt at start up that states “Press F1 for setup or F2 to load default values.” Know that this could vary by computer brand.
  4. Sometimes the computer will not show signs of failure at each boot up. It may be more random at first. Or, your computer may get to a certain point in the start up process and then freeze. And, rebooting does not seem to help this problem.
  5. when the battery is drained entirely, it will not be able to save any of your settings and then the CMOS will need to be replaced.