How to Clean A Computer Mouse That Has A Rolling Ball

A lot of computer users still use mice with rolling, rubber balls underneath them. If your mouse stops tracking correctly, or jerks around onscreen without a software problem, your mouse might need cleaning.

  1. Flip your mouse upside down. If it’s has a rolling ball, you will see a ball surrounded by a small circular cover with indentations in it. Move the circular cover counter-clockwise or clockwise until it comes off. The mouse ball may fall out and onto the floor, so be careful that it doesn’t roll away.
  2. The ball itself isn’t dirty. It’s made out of rubber. What is dirty are the circular sensors that turn as the mouse ball moves. They sometimes accumulate hair, fiber and dirt, causing tracking problems.
  3. Take a swab and rub all foreign matter off of these small circular wheels. You may need to spin them with the swab or your fingertip to remove all the gunk.
  4. When the tracking wheels are clean, put the mouse ball back in the socket, and spin the cover closed. Your mouse should now track in a much smoother manner.
  5. To keep your mouse tracking well, clean the inside wheels every few months.