How to resize an image in iPhoto

There are 2 option that you can resize your image in iPhoto

Option 1: A simple but effective way to resize and email a photo

Select your image and choose the Email button at the bottom right corner of the iPhoto window. This pop-up box will appear:

The one option you have is to select a file size: Small, Medium, Large and Actual Size. You don’t have the option to select a width or height, but the pop-up will display the file size for each option you select. The smaller the file size the quicker the photo will download to the recipient’s computer.

Select Compose and the Apple Mail program will open for you to write and send your message. This is the most basic option and will only be useful if you use Apple Mail.

Option 2: For more control over resizing your image in iPhoto follow these 3 steps

Step 1 – Choose your image

Select your image and choose File -> Export. A pop-up window with three tabs will appear.

Step 2 – Select a file format

On the File Export tab there are several options you can change – you want the Kind and Size options. The Kind option has five file formats to choose from. Three of these allow you to resize the image: JPEG; PNG; or TIFF. If you select JPEG (a common format to email) you also have the option to select an image quality, ranging from low to maximum, and this will affect the final file size of the image.

Step 3 – Select a size

On the Size option you can simply select Small, Medium or Large, but if you want a specific size select Custom. This is my preferred option.

If you choose Custom select a specific height or width. Click Export and save the image to a location on your computer. And that’s it!

How to Right Click on a Mac

There are a few method to Right Click on Mac

One Button Mouse Method

  1. Press control and then click your one button mouse or (laptop trackpad button) simultaneously while pointing at the link or object you want to right click. You will notice that the normal right click options appear next to your mouse pointer.

Two Finger Right Click

  1. Understand you can only do this if you have a mac laptop.
  2. Take two of your fingers (forefinger and the middlefinger). Spread them about two centimeters apart and put them on the trackpad.
  3. That should work.

Apple Mighty Mouse Method

  1. Understand that any two button mouse can be programmed to work with a right click. Similarly, some seemingly one button mice manufactured by Apple such as the Mighty Mouse or the Wireless Mighty Mouse can be programmed respond to a click on the right side.
  2. Point your mouse the Apple icon in the upper left of your screen. Select System Preferences. Then select “Keyboard & Mouse”.
  3. Change the setting on the right side of the mouse to be the “Secondary Button” as shown in the example below: