How Do I Compress One File Into Several Parts? – Using Winrar

i) Right-click on the folder or file you want to split, then choose “Add to archive”.

ii) A new window pops up, and then you can choose the archive format – RAR or Zip. Zip is a format that can compress the file size a little, but if you want to split the file into a couple of files, you`d better choose RAR. You can also set the compression method (normal will take more time than fastest, for instance) and the most important thing here is “Split to volumes, bytes”. Best size for the parts is 100MB – 98 078k – ZIP 100 because you can upload every part without worrying whether it`s bigger than the upload limit, besides it`s most convenient to download. Click “Ok” and wait till the big files is split into 100MB parts.

How Do I Compress One File Into Several Parts? – Using Winzip

To split a Zip file into smaller pieces:

1. Open or create the Zip file.
2. Choose Split from the Actions menu.


3. Specify the name to be used for the split Zip file. The name must be different from the name of the open Zip file.
4. Specify the size to be used for the individual parts. You can choose from common sizes using the Part size drop-down list or you can specify your own size. To specify your own size, choose “Other size” in the drop-down list and type the desired size in the Other size field. You can specify the size in bytes, kilobytes (KB), or megabytes (MB); indicate which you’re using by clicking the appropriate radio button. For uploading to sendspace, make sure you make the split files less than 300MB each.


5. Click OK to create the split Zip file.