How to Create a Signature in Thunderbird Emai

Open your Thunderbird software. Click on “Tools”. This will open a list of options.

Scroll down the list and click on “Account Settings.” This will open a dialogue box that displays the default identity. If this is not the email account you wish to work with, scroll through the list on the left-hand side to locate it. Click on the appropriate email account.


In the identity display, there is a check box with an “Attach this signature” with location box and “Choose” button below it.


Use the “Choose” button to locate your signature file. Once you locate the file, select it, and click “OK”.


Verify that the correct file and location has been input into the address bar. If it has not, search and select again. Once the correct file and location is in the location bar, click “OK” on the identity display.


Use the “Write” option to open up a new email. Your signature should be displayed on it. It will not display as an attachment, but as part of the text.


Verify that your signature shows up as desired by sending yourself an email to another account. If there are problems with the display, you may need to alter the signature file itself in order to correct it.

Mac OS X Mail: How to add a signature to your email

You can add one signature to all messages automatically or create several and choose one when you compose a message.

To create a signature:

  1. choose Preferences from the Mail application menu and click Signatures
  2. select the signature you created and drag it to your account
  3. to add the signature automatically to every message, choose it from the Select Signature pop-up menu.
    to choose a signature when you compose a message, select “Choose signature when composing email”.

How to create PDF Documents on Mac OS X

You can create a PDF document of the document on Mac OS X.


To create a PDF document from Microsoft Word

i) Select File, Print…

ii) 2 ways to create a PDF document:

a) In the lower left corner of the Print dialog, click the Preview button which will create a temporary PDF document that will be opened in Apple’s Preview application which you can then save or print from:

b) OR, save the PDF directly from the Print dialog:

  • Click the pop-up PDF button and select Save as PDF…

  • Specify the name of the PDF document to save:

The process is now complete.