NSX Edge – Troubleshoot IPSec VPN issue with CLI

To troubleshoot any VPN issues, you should have knowledge of how to configure a VPN service so that you can verify whether is it related to misconfiguration or information not match.

There are few useful command can be used to troubleshoot IPSec VPN issue. To run those troubleshooting, first thing u must able enable SSH in your NSX Edge and access it via SSH.

To view full list of commands for ipsec, run command:

show service ipsec ? 

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CentOS/RedHat 7/8 -Automounting CIFS File System

When we manual mount the NFS and SMB file system, it will not available persistently. The mount point will be lost once you reboot the system. To mount the remote file system (NFS and SMB) persistently, you can configure the system automatically mount the remote file system edit /etc/fstab file.

As an alternative to use /etc/fstab, you can configure automount to mount the share automatically. Automount can be used for SMB as well as NFS mount. Automount is implemented by the autofs servie that take care of mounting a share when an attempt is made or on demand, and it will automatically unmount the share when no longer in used. One of the benefit of automounter, user do not need to have root privileges to run the mount and umount command.

Configuring an automount is a multiple step process.

First step, you need to install the autofs package by enter following command

yum install -y autofs

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