How to check MacBook battery health?

I believed most of the MacBook user do not know that MacBook battery life span is counted in the form of charge cycles.

Example: Every time you charge your Mac battery to 100%, it will count as  a charge cycle. This cycle also can be split across days, such as 20% on Monday and 80% on Tuesday equals one cycle. Once a battery reaches its maximum charge cycle count,following symptoms will be happened:-

  • Your battery isn’t charging
  • Battery won’t charge to 100%
  • Mac battery runtime is low

Question: How to check my MacBook battery charge cycles?

Answer: If your Mac OS is version 10.12 and above, Select “About this Mac” from the Apple Menu. Click System Report. After that, click Power in the Contents list

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Windows: How to add static route

Generally, your computer will have a default gateway and all the packets are sent through default gateway when no other routes to the destination are known.

But did you know what each computer have a local routing tables which allow your to perform routing from the computer itself instead of doing routing at router. The routing table is used by TCP/IP to make decisions on whether to send the packet to a computer on the same segment, or to forward it to the default gateway.

To add a route we use the route ADD command to tell Windows which Network to add and then we enter the Subnet mask and Gateway.

For example, we’re on the network and the default gateway is and we want to add static route to our management server

Add route

Others Example

Delete route

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Adobe Flash Player not working, even though updated multiple times.

Recently i just help my customer upgrade their vCenter and ESXI host from version 5.5 to 6.5. As we know, VMWare no longer support vSphere client starting from version 6. To manage the vCenter and ESXI 6.5, customer have to use browser with flash support.

Today my customer complaint to me said that he already upgrade/update the flash player few time, but an error message about flash player is not update showing in the browser screen.

To solve this issue, please ensure that Flashplayer is activated.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to about:addons
  2. Select Plugins
  3. Locate Shockwave Flash
  4. Select Always Activate from the drop-down menu