Unable to power on VM – No host is compatible with the virtual machine

I registered VM to a vCenter from Datastore. When i try to power on the VM, the error pops up as “No host is compatible with the virtual machine”

Upon checking from VMware Document, this issue usually happened if no host can satisfy the virtual machine’s CPU or memory resource needs or if no host currently has network or storage access needed by the virtual machine.

To solve my problem, i edit VM settings and i noticed that the VM port group that this VM attachment is not available. So, i just change the port group to others available port group in this vcenter. After that, i tried to power the VM, and the VM is able to power up without any issue.

Fortigate Firewall – Hardware Diagnostic

Starting from FortiOS 5.4 and above, HQIP (Hardware Quick Inspection Package) are built into FortiOS itself. You can use diag hardware test command to perform the hardware test to detect the hardware problem. This output of the hardware diagnostic return failed, you may send the hardware diagnostic report to fortigate support to claim the RMA.

Below are the few example of hardware diagnostic command

i. To show the list of hardware test case

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How to find out IP Address of the website that i browse?

In most of the situation, if you want to know the ip address of a website, you just ping the website, it will return the ip address. But if the website block ICMP, you may not able to get the ip address.

Here i going to intro one of the good Google Chrome Extension called Website IP which allow you to see the ip address of the website you are currently looking at. IP address of the website will show at the bottom of the web page.

Website with IPv4

Website with IPv6