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Microsoft Edge – Web Notes Function

October 16, 2015 by @HKw@! | No Comments | Filed in Windows 10

Windows 10Microsoft Edge is a new web browser in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is replacing Internet Explorer as default web browser

There is a new feature in Microsoft Edge called Web Notes where by you could able to scribble, highlight, and add notes to web pages.

To enable the Web Notes Function, move the cursor to the top right on the edge browser. As shown in the screen shot, click on the “Make a web note” icon.

web note 1

Once inside the mode, you may use the “Pen” function to write anything on the browser.

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Could not construct return packet in NRPE handler check client side (nsclient.log) logs…

October 16, 2015 by @HKw@! | 2 Comments | Filed in Nagios, Open Source

When i try to run check _nrpe command from Nagios to perform a memory check the physical memory of the Windows Server 2012, i get the following error message:-

NRPE error

From the above error message it show that Nagios Server unable to get the results from the NSClient services. It is because NRPE module is not enable in the NSClient services. By default, NRPE module is not enable.

To enable the NRPE module, below are the steps:

1. navigate to the NSClient++ directory which should be in your C:\Program Files directory.

2. There is a file named NSC.ini in there. This is the main configuration file for NSClient. Open this in your favorite text editor.

3. Now in the [NRPE] section we need to enable the following:

port 5666



4. Once done, save the NSC.ini files and restart NSClient++ services

5. Now you try the run the same command again and it should return the expected result.


bash: rsync: command not found

October 16, 2015 by @HKw@! | No Comments | Filed in centos, Fedora, Linux, RedHat

I was trying to rsync files from my Mac to a CentOS VM, and was getting below error:-

rsync command not found

The root cause of getting above error message is the remote machine is not installed rsync command.

To solve this issue, just to install the rsync on the remote machine.

install rsync

That’s it!