Teamviewer – stuck at initializing display parameters

Recently i encounter a problem to remote access to my Windows Server using TeamViewer Software.  My TeamViewer stuck at initializing display parameters screen even i enter the correct User ID and password. For your information, i’m running latest version of TeamViewer (12.0.78517)

As per checking TeamViewer setting, i noticed that there is a server ID on Server OS besides a unique user ID for each user profile. Server ID can be found on Help-> About TeamViewer

I tried to use Server ID instead of user ID to remote my Windows Server. It work fine without any issue.

If your guys have any others solution, please share with me. 🙂



How to enable and Sync Windows Time Service on Windows Server 2012

I believed most of the Windows System Admin will noticed that server time on the new fresh installed Windows is not correct.

As a Windows System Admin, first thing you should do is change the server time zone and sync the server time to internet time server.

Recently, i get complain from customer  reported that the server time is incorrect. Even we advise them to sync the server time to internet time server, but they still do not understand to do that.

As for information, Microsoft does not enable NTP time sync by default. You can very easily manually enable it using the Windows Time Service, which supports time synchronisation from an NTP time server.

Here i going to share some of the simple command to sync NTP in Windows Server 2012.

Command Syntax:-

A) Manual Sync NTP server

w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:IP Address or NTP Server /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update

B) Start Windows Time Service

net start w32time

C) Stop Windows Time Service

net stop w32time

D) Resync Time

w32tm /resync


Step1: Run Command Prompt as Administrator or Run Windows PowerShell. In this example, i going to use Windows PowerShell Continue reading

Zimbra: How to emtpy my email inbox??

In some situation, you may experience your mailbox will get full of used or unused email. To remove email in inbox, it will take long time to do it in Zimbra GUI.  Refer to example to below screenshot, i have more than 68000 email in my inbox.


To empty the inbox email, it can be done it via CLI. Below is the command to remove all the inbox message for the particular email account

[root@mail ~]# su – zimbra
[zimbra@mail ~]$ zmmailbox -z -m emptyFolder /Inbox

Once above command been execute, it took less than 1 minute to remove 68000 email from the inbox