RedHat 7/8 – How to mount/unmount CD/DVD ROM

In most of the time, we need to install the software from the CD ROM. Before you start the use the CD ROM, you need mount it.

To do so, just follow below steps:-

i) Identify the CD ROM is detected by the OS or not, use blkid command to view attributes of block devices that are on your system.

As you can see, /dev/sr0 already mounted the ISO image.

ii) Create the mount point

Mount point will be a directory where you wish to mount your CD/DVD drive

iii) Mount the CD ROM

Use mount command to mount the CD ROM to mount point

iv) At this point you should be able to access all files and Folder on CD ROM

v) Once you done the installation, you may proceed to unmount the CD ROM.

Use umount command to do this task

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