How to view winmail.dat email attachments

I always get the complain from my user said that they cannot open the e-mail attachment in winmail.dat files. When i see the attachment winmail.dat, i already that email message is in RTF format and send by Outlook mail client. But most of my user is Thunderbird user, for sure they cannot view that email attachment.

To solve the problem, i install a software called Winmail.dat Reader. This software allow you read, view, open, convert and save the files on winmail.dat email attachments.

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How to open winmail.dat files on Mac?

Recently i always get a complain from my user regarding their email attachment problem. They received an email-message from customer with a file, named winmail.dat, as attachment. They fail to open that attachment file using Thunderbird mail client. But for those Microsoft Outlook user, they able to see and open the attachment file.

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