Troubleshooting DNS issue with Nslookup command

When troubleshooting DNS problem, Nslookup is used to perform DNS queries and to examine the contents of zone files on local and remote servers.

Nslookup is a standard command-line tool which available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platform. Nslookup offers you the ability to perform query testing of DNS servers and to obtain detailed responses at the command prompt.

To use nslookup in command-line mode, enter the following in the command prompt window:

nslookup DNS_name_or_IP_address server_IP_address

This command will look up a DNS name or address using a server at the IP address you specify.”

Here i going to show few examples on using the nslookup command.

1. Query domain

nslookup A


2. Query domain from specific DNS server

nslookup specific ns

3. Query “A” record from specific DNS server

Nslookup A Record

4. Query “MX” record 


nslookup MX record

5. Query “PTR” record 

Nslookup PTR

6. Query “NS” record 

Nslookup NS record7. Query All Available DNS record 


Nslookup Any

I hope above example will gives you the basics idea on query DNS record. 🙂


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